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Hyatt Hotels has signed a franchise agreement with Primehotels Oy for the first Hyatt hotel in Helsinki, Finland. The new hotel, which will be located in the building of Helsinki Central Station, has been signed with the owner Exilion.

This stylish and eco-friendly hotel is located in the heart of downtown, just blocks from the stunning Helsinki Cathedral. It is within walking distance of Helsinki Central Station, the busiest train station in the world, and is within walking distance.

It is just a 12-minute walk from the hotel and offers access to the city's attractions, including Helsinki Cathedral, the largest and most beautiful cathedral in the world, and the historic city centre. In downtown Helsinki there are a number of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and cafés that allow visitors to access all cities. Visit the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki's oldest museum, as well as other museums and galleries to explore Helsinki's rich cultural traditions.

A detailed description and photos of your accommodation will allow you to express your opinion on the possibility of staying in a hotel in Helsinki. You can also discover the hotels in the city and their amenities and amenities. We also have a list of the best hotels and restaurants in downtown Helsinki and other parts of the city.

Hopefully this guide will help you find the best hotels in Helsinki, depending on your needs and budget. You can book a hotel or apartment on our website or by telephone, or you can use our hotel search tool to browse our list of hotels in Helsinki and make your choice. If you are looking for hotels, we can help you find the best and best rated activities in Europe while you are traveling. Helsinki does a great job as a tourist destination, with great restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.

You may find that there are plenty of hotels to choose from in Helsinki, but it depends on your interests and how you want to spend your stay in the city. If you want to sleep in a tent or in a luxury hotel in downtown Helsinki, Rastila is the place for you. If you have a more sophisticated hotel taste, you can choose one of the luxurious hotels such as the Kavala Hotel or the Hotel Kallio, both fantastic options.

This is a convenient place if you want to explore one of Helsinkia's most popular tourist attractions, such as the city centre or the Old Town. It is located just a few blocks from the central bus station, so you are all close to all the sights you want to see once you leave Helsinki's central bus station.

If you want to explore Suomenlinna, it is only a short walk to take the ferry to Helsinki. Helsinki hotels are cheap to stay in Finland and they will certainly guarantee you a pleasant time during your travel. Holidaymakers and business travelers are welcome, but you won't have a hard time choosing a stay in Helsinkia, as you won't have any problems doing anything.

The rooms at Hilton Helsinki Strand feature a wide range of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, gym, fitness centre and on-site gym.

This includes a wide selection of teas and coffees, made with local ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. You can also find them in the hotel café, where you can buy a selection of coffee and tea options.

Finnish sauna with beautiful swimming facilities, with whirlpool, hot showers, saunas and hot baths, as well as pool and wellness room.

If you want to visit Helsinki but want to sacrifice the peace and quiet of nature, Hotel Sofia is the perfect place for you. The hotel is located directly opposite the Stockmann department store and is in a beautiful location, making it a good choice for those who want to spend their time between sightseeing and relaxing in nature. The Mannerheim Suite is the most luxurious stay in Helsinki, covering an area of 2,777 square metres.

If you are staying near the sea, you will find some of the best hotels in Helsinki hidden in preserved buildings. This place is very close to Kamppi and offers a much lower price than other hotels. Further away is a 3-star business hotel in the business district. There are many stones to throw and a number of good restaurants and bars that Helsinki has to offer.

Located on the Toolo Bay, this hotel is a first-class choice in the heart of Helsinki. This hotel has its own restaurant and has been a good place to visit for many years. On the website you will find a list of all hotels in Helsinki located near the city centre, in one place or another, with the best prices and locations in Helsinki.

If you want to explore the city centre, it is best to have a car, but it is easy to arrive and leave from this hotel as it is located in the north of Helsinki. Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel is a great choice for those who want to refresh, relax and recharge while waiting for their flight. Located in the north of Helsinki, visitors can fly in from the airport or take a train to the centre. The hotel is located at the entrance of Helsinki International Airport, just minutes from the city centre and the main railway station. At the same time, the hotel is easily accessible by train due to its proximity to Finland's largest airport.

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