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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, offers a wide range of accommodation options and the following list includes hotels of all luxury and price ranges. In the heart of Helsinki, just steps from the harbour and conveniently located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, 3-star accommodation in Helsinki Finland is managed by the renowned Best Western chain of hotels. Each room has a fully equipped kitchen, a private balcony with views of downtown Helsinki and an outdoor swimming pool.

Learn more about how to make tea and coffee in the café in the hotel lobby, where a variety of teas and coffees are available. Learn how to make tea or coffee in your room, as well as the best coffee shops in Helsinki and other parts of Finland. Learn more about make Tea and coffee in their café and in the most popular coffee houses in Finland and around the world.

All 120 rooms are modernly furnished and feature a coffee or tea making facility and a variety of tea and coffee shops in the hotel lobby. Facilities include a swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and private dining room with private balcony.

The Finnish sauna with some nice bathing facilities has a large pool, a fitness centre and a variety of tea and coffee houses in the hotel lobby. Finnish saunas and some of the most beautiful bathing facilities, with a large pool with beautiful pool and spa, as well as private dining rooms with private balconies.

The prison theme extends to the uniforms of the staff and the hotel's Jailbird restaurant, but otherwise the hotel offers the clean and practical accommodation you would expect from a good Western Premier Line hotel. The decor is clean, new, simple and efficient, with a straight IKEA box feel, and each room has free Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchenette. This includes a full-service coffee bar for tea and coffee making, and a variety of private dining rooms with private balconies.

The main disadvantage of the hotel is that the heating and air conditioning are centralized, so that it can sometimes be too hot or too cold, depending on your personal preference. The following selection of accommodation options therefore prefers centrally located accommodation and hotels with free Wi-Fi.

The Economy Standard rooms can be single, twin or double, but the Finn Hotel is the perfect choice for solo travellers as it offers the option of sleeping in three different room types: Sky Suites, Sky Lofts or Economy Suite, while couples and families can sleep alone. Particularly impressive are the Sky Lofts, which feature a unique egg-shaped bed where guests who book one or both can relax in the comfort of their own bed.

Guests at Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki can make use of free Wi-Fi and choose their own pillows from the menu. At Hotel Seurahaupe in Seursuahone in Helsinki, guests can choose from a menu of their own pillow and use free Wi-Fi access. At Hotel seuraupahuaone (Helsinki), guests can choose and use their own pillows from one of the many free Wi-Fi internet access points!

The hotel is located opposite Esplanade Park in the heart of Helsinki, on the 1st floor, next to the reception. The restaurant and bar in Helsinki are lost in a small corner of the Seurahaupe Hotel in Seursuahone (Helsinki). The hotel's restaurant and bar, the "Helsinki Restaurant & Bar," is located in its own small part of the hotel, which is located on the second floor of the seuraupahuaone hotel in Helsinki. Helsinki's Restaurant & Bar, a restaurant with a menu and bar, is located on the first floor of the Hotel SEURAHAUpe (SeURahuone) and occupies an area of 1,000 square meters in a 2,500 square meter building in front of a beautiful garden.

The Omena Hotel in Helsinki city centre is a great hotel in the heart of the city, just a few kilometres from Esplanade Park. The many museums, restaurants and shopping venues are also within walking distance, and Suomenlinna Island, from where you can reach Suomalainen Island from Helsinki, is less than two kilometres away. The Helsinki Museum of Art, one of Finland's most famous museums and many of its shops, is a 12-minute walk from this hotel.

If you love an urban escape, you can stay at a hotel in downtown Helsinki, explore the stunning Central Station or catch a ferry from the Market Square and stay and explore. During your stay, you can also walk to many of the city's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Helsinki Museum of Art, Esplanade Park and Suomenlinna Island.

If you want to visit Helsinki, the nearest bus stop is right outside the hotel, from where you can catch a bus to Helsinki city centre. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the main railway station to your hotel, from where you can reach the centre of Helsinginna in 15 minutes by car or taxi.

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