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Although relatively new to Helsinki, the Clarion Hotel brand has won the prestigious and coveted Grand Travel Award in the last two years. This time we got off to a really magical start with the opening of our first hotel in the city of Helsinki - the first of its kind.

The hotel is a 12-minute walk from the hotel and in the city centre there are a number of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. There is even a public park in front of the Clarion Hotel, which allows visitors to access all cities. It is the first hotel of its kind in Finland and one of the few in Europe and the world.

Visitors arriving at Helsinki Airport should take advantage of the many sights and attractions of the city. The city's attractive attractions, including the Helsinki Opera House, the National Museum of Finland and the Finnish National Park, offer a good view of Helsinki and its surroundings and attractions.

Helsinki has a wide range of hotels to choose from depending on your interests and your desire to stay in the city. If you plan to visit the centre of Helsinki from your hotel, the airport train will take less than 30 minutes, and if you plan to visit, you can reach the Hotel Helsinki City Center without paying attention to the cheaper options mentioned in the previous points. The Clarion Hotel at Helsinki Airport is suitable for those with little money, but you can also find cheaper options in other parts of Helsinki, such as the Airport Hotel, as well as in the 30 minutes by airport train.

If you prefer a new, modern hotel, Clarion Hotel at Helsinki Airport is a better choice and good value for money. If you have a more sophisticated taste in hotels, you can choose Hotel Helsinki City Center, which is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers. Located in Helsinki city centre, this hotel with its high-quality amenities is another fantastic choice, and if you are looking for accommodation with an on-site spa in Helsinki, then the Bling Hotel is the best option, a hotel with a spa and private pool.

The Glo Hotel at the airport is really close to the terminal building, and it is close, so It is a great choice for business and leisure travelers.

It is very popular with users who want to stay in Helsinki on a budget, but it is important to remember that Clarion Helsinki is not the hotel recommended by other Bunny hotels. If you're looking for great accommodation in Kallio, here are some great accommodations in Helsinki city centre or this great Helsingin Paarautatieasema hotel for those who want to stay right in the heart of the city. If you want to stay within walking distance of Helsedin paaarautsatiesema, then these great hotels are the perfect choice.

This elegant hotel in the heart of Helsinki boasts an authentic 1950s style and rooms boast the best in contemporary design. If you are looking for an affordable and unique place to stay in Helsinki, this hotel is the place for you. There are not many cheap hotels near Helsinki Vantaa Airport, so if you're looking for a budget solution, check out our favorite Airbnb hotel in Vantara.

The hotel has a lot of high quality design, and you will be accommodated on the top floor of Clarion Hotel in Helsinki. Finnish interiors with light colours, some of which have a more local atmosphere and light colour, while others have an international atmosphere with darker colours.

Choose where you want to stay at one of the many high-quality airport hotels located near Helsinki Airport, such as the Clarion Hotel or the Hyatt Regency.

Of course, accommodation in the centre of the city can be the most expensive, but if you can find an offer and don't have to accept any loss of quality or location, Helsinki is probably the best. Helsinki hotels are cheap to stay in Finland and they will certainly guarantee you a pleasant time during your travel. Finland is generally an expensive Nordic country, but if you choose a hostel or budget hotel outside Helsinki, you can have a cheaper stay in Helsinki. If you're coming north from Helsinki or any other city, you'll find some great accommodations in and around Helsinki.

If you are visiting Helsinki for the first time (or even just once), there is no better place to stay than Helsinki. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy Helsinki's nightlife, family, tourism and nature, you will find it here.

This central hotel is less than 200 metres from Helsinki Cathedral and 20 metres from Aviapolis Railway Station, guests can enter the beautifully decorated lobby of the Marski Hotel. This eco-friendly hotel is the only one of its kind in Helsinki and the second most popular hotel in Helsinki after the eco-friendly Marskis Hotel, located just a few metres from Helsinki's main shopping street.

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