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The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria is pleased to establish its new Consular Section in Helsinki, Finland. The Consular Department of the Embassy also has access to all the necessary information about the mission and its requests if necessary. The Russian Consulate General in Lviv has updated the contact details for this mission with the Russian Consulate General in Ukraine, including contact information for the Consul General, the Consulate General of Ukraine in Finland and the Ambassador to the Russian Federation in South Africa. EmbassyPage, Poland's embassy in Pretoria, has been updated and is reviewing the contact details of its mission in Johannesburg, including contact information for its consulate general and consulates in the country.

Click here to make an appointment online with the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Turku. Click here for information on scheduling online for the Embassy and the Russian Consulate General in Helsinki or click here for details on booking and scheduling, online, at the Consulate General or at the Embassy in Finland.

Look at a larger map and get directions to the Embassy of Cuba or have a look at the larger map. View a larger map of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Finland and the Consulate General in Turku or get the direction of travel to the Embassy in Cuba. Look at a large map and have a look at the large maps. On a smaller map on the website of the Consulate General you will find directions to the Russian Consulate General in Helsinki or to the Ambassador's office.

Do not forget to drive the directions to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Helsinki and to the Consulate General in Turku or to the Ambassador's Office in Finland.

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Bern, Switzerland, is welcomed by the US Embassy in Bern and the Consulate General in Turku. The Embassy of Bern offers a comprehensive range of consular services that provide directions to the Embassy in Switzerland. Connect the designated embassies or consulates to the inviting embassy and consul general in the embassy office in Helsinki or the embassy office in Tampere, Finland. Connect the designated embassy or consulate by greeting the United States Embassies and Consulates in Berlin, Germany and the capital of Germany, Berlin.

The embassy, however, has no consular district and acts like a consul-general in Turku, Finland. Consular matters in Canada are the responsibility of the Canadian Embassy in Helsinki and the Canadian Consulate General in Tampere. However, this embassy has a consul in Finland, but it has no consulates in that district, and there is no consulate - generals or consuls - on its territory. There is also a Finnish consulate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with a number of embassies in other cities.

The Embassy of Switzerland in Ottawa is the responsibility of the Canadian Embassy in Helsinki and the Consulate General in Tampere, Finland, as well as the Consul General in Turku. In addition to the consulate in Toronto, there is also an embassy from Switzerland to Ottawa in the city of Ottawa and an embassy from Finland to Geneva in Switzerland.

Australian citizens living or travelling in the United States receive consular services through the embassy in Amman. Australian Embassy and Consulates in Finland, including detailed information on their locations, as well as a list of all embassies and consulates and details of their services.

You will also find a list of all embassies and consulates in Finland and details of their services. Russian embassies worldwide can make their appointments and bookings online, so you don't have to contact the consular department of your embassy to find your address. Those who have forgotten the Russian visa application forms or requirements can also submit them online or by telephone.

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