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Located in the heart of Helsinki, this elegant hotel offers an authentic 1950s style and rooms that offer the best in contemporary design. The beautiful rooms have a chic Scandinavian aesthetic, while there are two restaurants serving innovative Nordic cuisine. An outpost of the National Gallery of Finland, housed in an unusual glass building that houses works by Finnish and international contemporary artists, is also a good light meal. Opened in 2009, with stunning views of the city centre and the Helsinki skyline in front, it is the perfect place for an evening with friends.

Then visit the original location, where the current Helsinki Noir exhibition plunges visitors into a spooky and gripping crime drama. This is the fourth hotel curated by Marriott International Finland, following Courtyard Tribute and Portfolio Design Hotels, which include the Grand Hansa Hotel in Helsinki and the Marriott Hotel Helsinki in the city centre. The 224-room Grand Hansa Hotel, due to open in 2022, is the latest addition to the brand's hotel portfolio, which is gaining momentum across Europe.

Fans of Finnish Kalevala mythology will remember the theme used and spacious rooms will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Grand Hansa Hotel Helsinki.

The Art Deco style of architecture, exemplified by the construction of the Grand Hansa Hotel and the Royal Palace of Helsinki in the early 20th century, is known as Finnish national romanticism. The palace was used temporarily by the Germans, the whites and the Finnish military, but after the victory of the whites over the Finnish civil war, the reds left the palace, which was used from March to April 1918. Alexander III stayed there for a short time before visiting his Finnish residence Langinkoski more often.

Grand Hansa Hotel, one of the best places in Helsinki, is considered a good place to think about it, as it offers excellent views of Helsinki and its surroundings, as well as great views over the city.

Leisure guests will also benefit from the fact that the Grand Hansa Hotel in Helsinki offers a variety of outdoor activities. The Helsinki Archipelago consists of over 300 lush islands, so it's really easy to go out into the great outdoors, whether you're sunbathing, kayaking or taking a boat trip.

Even if you don't have a problem doing something, you may find it hard to choose a stay in Helsinki, so choose wisely and come back at the end of the day. If you are staying outside Helsinki, you can also stay at the Grand Hansa Hotel or at one of the many other hotels and resorts in Finland.

Surrounded by greenery, this boutique hostel in Helsinki is an ideal place to explore the city centre with its many restaurants, shops and cafés. Stay in the historic building in the city centre, which dates back to 1912, and in one of Helsinki's best hotels, the Grand Hansa Hotel.

If you live in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, you can book a sauna and dinner at the Grand Hansa Hotel. If you are travelling from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, please send an e-mail to the Dutch Embassy in Helsinki to make an appointment and ask to taste the spirits from the neighbouring Helsinki Distilling Company. The distillery, which is located on the premises and in the bar, is due to open at the end of August, so go down to see which ones can be tasted at the source. Helsinki is easily accessible by ferry, and if you are in Finland from May to September, book saunas and dinners in the city centre.

If you find the bars in the city full, you can enjoy a nightcap in one of the many bars and restaurants in the city centre. Then walk down to the exposed bricks of Helsinki City Hall, the oldest building in Helsinki, and enjoy a few drinks in the Helsinki Bar.

Upon arrival, you will receive everything you need to enjoy the Finnish sauna experience in this spacious two-story building tucked away in the woods. The fitness centre is very modern and well equipped, offering a variety of fitness exercises including yoga, weight training and cardio, as well as refreshing cold water saunas and hot tubs.

The location is reminiscent of a Grand Hotel from the 1920s and offers modern amenities and a variety of room designs. Located directly on Toolo Bay, the hotel features its own private pool, wellness and fitness centre and private dining area with views of the city and lake.

Guests who enjoy classic Finnish cuisine should take the opportunity to dine in one of the hotel's excellent restaurants or enjoy the beautiful views of Toolo Bay and the city skyline from the rooftop terrace. Although some restaurants appeal to the trendy crowd, this area is a good choice for a stay in Helsinki if you want to discover original gastronomic delights. For an exceptional meal under a white tablecloth, try the rather low - key chapter near Helsinki Cathedral.

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