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Finnish city of Helsinki, you arrive at Helsinki Airport and have a few hours before you fly back to your home country of Finland and the rest of the world.

You could search for a destination on Google Maps that you have loaded, but Elvis has certainly brought you to the centre of Helsinki. The shopping centres outside the city centre are located in the suburbs, which can be easily reached by metro. The shops are grouped by district, so there is no point of contact for your retail therapy. You can visit all listed fabric shops in Helsinki, except the Marimekko Outlet in Herttoniemi, which is accessible by metro.

El Fant is El Fant, and indeed you can see the museum and the gift shop through the adjacent windows, as well as the shop itself.

Kluuvi Shopping Centre is located on a two-storey street, and guests can sit in white wicker swings and cabins that resemble Finnish summer cottages. The other main shopping street is simply called Central and extends from the famous Helsinki train station, which starts in Esplanadi. Shops in Helsinki are open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to midnight on weekends.

Grab some last minute souvenirs before time runs out and buy a special gift for your family, friends or yourself. Most souvenirs can be bought online, but for example you can find many Finnish products on Amazon.

Stockmann Aleksanterinkatu 52, affectionately known as Harrods Helsinki, has eight floors of department store shopping, including all the above brands, for shoppers who want a one-stop solution. It has the largest selection of fabrics in Finland, with more than 1,000 different fabrics on sale in the store.

The new shopping centre in Helsinki houses a range of high-quality shops and restaurants as well as restaurants and cafés. The street is shared by airlines, banks and travel agencies, while shops are filled with the best Finnish handicrafts. There is a market for design, clothing and gift items, and if you are in the markets for designs in clothing or gift items, there is also a wide range of handmade goods on offer. It contains a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, home furniture, furniture and more.

There is a wide selection of souvenirs and most can be purchased online, so if you have any questions about taxes - free shopping, contact us. Finnish souvenirs are perfect as a gift for your loved ones and you can find everything from a carved wooden bowl to a hunting knife and an old-fashioned wooden sword.

If you only have time for a few highlights, this is the place to go, but if you need a few places to stay in Helsinki, check out our list of the best hotels and restaurants in the city, as well as our guide to the most popular hotels in Finland.

Terhi Polkki's flagship store sells high-quality shoes, and Amos and Rex have joined them in their new home. This is the first phase of a larger city map to celebrate the identity and culture of the Eastern District of Helsinki. It is an extraordinary place with over 2000 original works of art donated by Tove Jansson. Finnish fashion dedicated to the design and production of high quality clothing, accessories and accessories for the fashion industry. Major cultural institutions such as the Finlandia Hall in Alvar Aalto and the soon-to-be-opened Central Library in Oodi, as well as a number of new restaurants and shops are making progress.

When you visit the namesake store in Helsinki, be prepared to find Moomin merchandise pretty much everywhere. The main shopping centre in Helsinki is Forum at Mannerheimintie 20, and the store houses a wide range of clothing, accessories and accessories for men and women. Helsinki's main store Moein Shop is located in Forum Mall in downtown Helsinki, while the main store in Oodi with its flagship store is located in this mall as are a number of other shops.

Kierratyskeskus Recycling Centre has several shops in the Helsinki region, but this one in Nihtisilta is the largest. Many of the big names of Finnish shopping are here, such as Koolhaas, K & N, H & M, Juho and many others, as well as many smaller shops.

If you're planning a trip to the capital of Finland, check out this list of places to shop if you can. New visitors might think that Tokmanni K Supermarket and Moomin's Shop are the only two shops in Helsinki with shops in the industrial areas of Osthelsinki, but I can say with certainty that you should walk around Helsinki just to look around in search of interesting shops.

There are many things you could find in Finnish grocery stores and you need to explain a little. If you come from anywhere other than Finland, I would like to look at certain products that are difficult, if not impossible, to find in Finland. I also have no doubt that there are things in a Finnish grocery store that need to be explained. Every Finnish family uses their products, and if you see orange scissors or knives, it's probably from Fiskars.

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