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With a dizzying array of activities in the city, we've put together a list of the top 10 things to do in Helsinki, Finland, that you and your family will enjoy. On my three-day trip to Helsinki, I decided to treat myself to a secluded corner of Helsinki for a day trip. I make a point of strolling through the district every time I am in Helsinki and its surroundings.

It's not necessarily a place to visit - you should check out the sights to see if you can check off the list, but you still want to explore something outside of Helsinki, so make sure you take the time to visit the charming old town of Porvoo. Instead, we will go through our list of all the Helsinki experiences you need to have. Kaivopuisto is the oldest park in Helsinki and is close to the water, so you can spend some time there if your children (of any age) need a break from exploring. A good way to experience Finnish nature is to hike in Sipoonkorpi National Park, which you can also do outside Helsinki during the day. If nature is not your thing, you can also hike to the peaks of the mountains or even into the forest.

This UNESCO-listed historic site, which spans six different islands in the harbour of Helsinki, began in 1748, when Finland was still part of Sweden, and began as a naval fortress built by Swedes in the 18th century. There are many elegant and colourful buildings and here you will find the oldest stone houses in Helsinki. This is one of the most important places to visit, but there is a lot to do - do things around Helsinki during the day. It is the largest town square in Finland and the second largest in Europe, so it is a great place to shop and eat.

It is said that a walk through the city with the locals is the best way to get to know Helsinki, and if you visit friends who live there, you can visit Helsinki with them. In fact, there are 25 things about Helsinki that make us so loved, so if you've wondered what to do in Helsinki, take a look at these things. We hope you like our list of 10 essential things to do in a day around Helsinki and that this is only a small part of it.

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This is a great day trip as it is the birthplace of the iconic Fiskars brand and there are many restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and shops in different neighborhoods.

The Cathedral of Helsinki is the oldest building in central Helsinki dating back to 1757 and is also one of the oldest buildings in the city and the most famous. You can immediately stroll through Senate Square to see the Lutheran Cathedral, also known as Tuomiokirkko ("Cathedral of Helsinki"), an essential place to be seen in Helsinki. Anyone who has ever seen the cathedral can convince themselves that it is probably the most famous building photographed in Finland. In addition to the incredible acoustics, numerous music events take place here every year.

You can spend the whole day in the open-air museum or skip it altogether and spend the day in the museum and keep warm in one of the many cafes and restaurants in Helsinki. If you want to visit many museums and other sights during your visit, the Helsinki City Card includes the activities listed below, so you can save some money. The Helsinki Card offers discounts on 22 attractions and discounts of up to 50% on the price of a ticket to one of Helsinki's main attractions. Alternatively, you could purchase a Helsinki Card, which includes a free day pass to the Museum of Finland and a discount on all other attractions, as well as free admission to all other museums in Finland.

If you don't have a great affinity for museums or just want to see something different, you can always visit one of the many other museums in Helsinki, such as the National Museum of Finland. Visit the National Museum in the city centre to discover the history and culture of Helsinki and its inhabitants and to view the museum's collection of rare books, manuscripts and other items. Known to Finns as Korkeasaari on the highest island, Helsinki Zoo is the only one of a kind in the world, located just a few kilometres from the capital and a short ferry ride from Helsinki. The island of Korkesasari is easily reached by ferry from any marketplace.

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